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Election Special

Question Time came to Temple last week with Year Five holding mock elections in the build up to the big national vote on Thursday.


The children represented their constituency (their class) with pride and passion, outlining their manifesto through rallying speeches, party political broadcasts and poster campaigns.


Each class split into the three main parties vying for control of Britain and as a party they elected a leader, a deputy and assigned roles to build up support. Each task was superbly organised and the roles delegated to suit their member skill-sets.


The communication amongst the children and the work ethic shown was amazing to witness. The leaders’ debates in the West Hall held everyone’s attention and showcased speaking and listening skills aplenty. All parties were represented; with no one opting out of these.


The children’s understanding of the role of government and the effect their decisions have on our nation increased throughout the two week topic. Conversations on the playground changed from Minecraft to what Mind Games they could play to goad their opposition and secure power for their party.


Miss Bushnell, Head of Year Five, was overwhelmed by the work produced, she said: “We started the topic to make children aware of the need to vote when they are older and to have a broader knowledge of the role government plays in our everyday lives. What we ended up with was full blown party politics and some satire in the speeches, which was beyond our wildest expectations.


“We hope many of the children will encourage their parents, grandparents, older brothers and sisters to vote next week and explain to them the importance of doing so.”


The year group rounded off the event by holding a vote for each constituency. Private voting and a ballot box were used and it will be interesting to see how the general election pans out; Temples results were as follows, who knows if the children are ahead of their time and can see into the future!!


5B – Labour   5H – Lib Dem    5F – Labour    5D – Conservative

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