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Parent Consultation re LiHT Q&As





Temple Sutton Primary School & Early Years held a parent and carer consultation meeting on Wednesday June 21st, 2017 at 2.30pm. A total of 9 parents attended.

This document is a summary of the questions asked at those meetings, the answers given and, where helpful, further answers have been added.


  1. Can you tell us more about the schools in Southend that are already in the Trust?
    There are three other Southend schools in the Trust: Blenheim Primary School and the Federation of Greenways Infant and Junior Schools. These are good schools with strong leadership and recognised excellence in learning, and have a lot in common with Temple Sutton in terms of the issues faced, the values shared, and the expansive school grounds which favour outdoor learning and environmental awareness. Edison Learning, our school improvement partner, has been working with Greenways and Temple Sutton for the past 3 years, and the schools have previously worked together. In a snapshot, the Trust schools are:


Name of School

Shering-ham Primary School

John F Kennedy Special School

Upton Cross Primary School

Hartley Primary School

Drew Primary

Blenheim Primary School

Federation of Greenways Infant and Junior Schools

Type of School


Special School







Age Range









Pupils Numbers and Classes

676 pupils

110 pupils

800 pupils (rising) + 150 nursery

769 pupils + 120 children in Nursery

377 R-Yr6 (14 Classes)

52 – Nursery (AM, PM, All Day)

21 classes

632 pupils on roll

14 classes, rising to 15

418 pupils on roll

16 classes rising to 20 classes in 2020

476 pupils on roll


Kath Sewell

Diane Rochford

Nick Turvey

Leilah McClay

Emma Peltier

Darren Woollard

Ashley Eastwood

Ashley Eastwood

Most recent Ofsted

Outstand-ing (2012)

Good (2012)

Outstand-ing (2013)

Requires Improve-ment (2015)



Good (2013)





Sites and Location

Single site in Manor Park, Newham

Two sites, in Stratford and Beckton, Newham

Two sites in Plaistow, Newham

Single site in East Ham, Newham

Single Site, near City Airport, Newham

Single site, in Leigh-on-Sea

Shared site




1. What will the changes be for children, their classes, their teachers?

In many ways, the children will not notice any immediate difference; they will be in the same uniform, in the same classrooms with the same teaching staff. We will continue to strive for an outstanding education for all our children. However, in time the children may notice changes and improvements in the way that they learn, resulting from the greater training opportunities given to teaching staff to innovate and improve the children’s education. In particular, they will benefit from the sharing of excellent practice in teaching and learning between the partner schools. They will also have wider opportunities to learn new skills and experience new activities


2. Will money be diverted from the school?

School funding is allocated on a per pupil basis. This would continue to be the case after conversion. Each school in the Trust is responsible for its own budget. Each school contributes an agreed % of their own school budget to the central Trust budget. This is then used for Trust costs of which staff form a part. This is also used for the joint commissioning of contracts and services.

3. How will the LGB change?
The school will continue to have a local governing body with elected Parent Governors and a staff representative as now. Governors and Mr Barrett would continue to decide how Temple Sutton is run with the vast majority of decisions still made locally.


4. Can the Trust liquidate the school’s assets and make profits from the school?



5. Can you explain how pastoral care and teaching will, in practice, improve?
Every member of staff who has been involved in visits to or training with the LiHT schools have come back with a clear understanding of the consistent drive and support and challenge to improve outcomes for children. Teachers have multiple opportunities to share best practice and improve their skills and the Trust is working hard on developing clear career paths to grow its own leaders through coaching and support. In terms of pastoral care, Temple Sutton has already benefitted from a SEND review by Diane Rochford, a nationally recognised practitioner and also Executive Headteacher of John F Kennedy School, a highly specialised school and a founding member of the Trust. All schools in the Trust have benefited hugely from the ongoing and always accessible support from JFK, and together the schools are stronger in purchasing specialist advice and professionals, such as speech and language therapists.


6. Why are we pushing for academisation if it is no longer national policy?

The Headteacher cannot alone take the school where it has potential to go, and no school is an island. Staff are looking for a place where they get support, are nurtured, feel valued and have the opportunity to develop. The Trust can manage a whole career while the school cannot. Whilst Temple Sutton has not yet been affected by a recruitment crisis, there is a national teaching crisis across the country in terms of recruitment, retention and funding and schools are much better prepared together.

7. Will the standard for recruitment be worse and will we have unqualified people being employed to teach?
Whilst in all schools there may be a professional who is not necessarily a qualified teacher but who is best placed to teach a subject such as PE, the Trust has the intention to recruit and retain the best teachers available. It has an excellent trust-wide NQT programme, it works with universities to recruit passionate and talented trainees, and it has partners in Australia who bring extremely well qualified teachers from abroad at no extra cost to the Trust. It also works with the School Recruiter platform, which makes the recruitment process more efficient for schools and provides a tailored recruitment interface which attracts untapped potential through talent pools.



8.What are the expansion aspirations for the Trust?
We would aim to grow to 10-12 schools followed by a period of consolidation. We hope one or two other Southend schools will join us.

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