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Major achievements

 2008 – Received the National Association for Able Children in Education ‘Challenge Award’ for excellence in whole-school provision for able, gifted and talented pupils

 Healthy Schools Award 2014-16

DCSF Activemark gained in 2008 for excellence in physical education provision

Southend’s first Full-Service Extended School and first fully-integrated Children’s Centre

Awarded OUTSTANDING Ofsted 2012

2008 – Received the SPLASH Gold Award for excellence in Modern Foreign Language Teaching

2009 and 2010 Awarded Best Primary School in the South East Essex Design Competition

Four times National Chess Champions

2008, 2009 & 2010, 2012 Southend Netball Champions

2010 Borough Sports Track, Field & Overall Winners

Key Stage Two Teacher Assessment Levels 2013


English :         82% Level 4+,  33% Level 5

Mathematics : 87% Level 4+,  34% Level 5

Extracts from OFSTED Inspection Report, May 2013

Grade : 3  Requires Improvement


The school has the following strengths:

  • Most pupils achieve well in writing.  Progress accelerates in Year 6.
  • The learning resource base provides pupils who use it with good support and they are helped to overcome the difficulties they face.
  • The new headteacher has quickly tackled many of the issues facing the school, challenged inadequate teaching, greatly improved the environment and is building a more effective senior leadership team.
  • Together with governors, the headteacher has tackled the previous financial deficit by making sure the school’s finances are spent carefully to improve teaching and learning.  They have also begun major improvements to the learning environment and building.
  • The good routines and well organised resources in the nursery classes mean that children settle quickly and become inquisitive learners.
  • During Year 1 and 2 most children make good progress.
  • Skills in learning about groups of letters and sounds they make (phonics) are taught well and pupils use this to support their writing.
  • Senior leaders’ records of checking the quality of teaching show that teaching has improved considerably over the past year.

The behaviour and safety of pupils are good:

  • Pupils are polite and courteous and keen to discuss what they are learning.  They like school and feel that the teachers try hard to make the work interesting.  This is evident through their attendance which has recently improved to above average.
  • Pupils say that behaviour has improved and is good.  They said that there is very seldom any form of bullying, but that adults will help sort out any difficulties.  The ‘Care’ team is always available, not just for those for whom they have particular responsibility.
  • Inspectors found that teachers manage behaviour well.
  • The school has a strong emphasis on being very inclusive for pupils of all abilities and whatever difficulties they may face, promoting equality of opportunity. The school does not tolerate discrimination or racism.  The resource base is well managed and provides good support for pupils enrolled.  This all helps these pupils to develop their confidence in reading and writing, and strengthen their mathematical, speaking and listening skills.


To read the full report go online to


The Curriculum

The Governing Body has planned to make available a broad and balanced curriculum, including all aspects of the National Curriculum, with provision for Religious Education, social, moral and physical development. In line with the Southend Education Authority’s Curriculum Policy Statement we believe that every child should have a full entitlement to this curriculum. Moreover, the aim of the Governing Body is that expectations for each child should be to make ‘good progress in the core subjects’.  The Primary, Literacy and Numeracy Strategies are followed at both Key Stages and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is followed in the Nursery and Reception Years. There is a major emphasis on developing Information and Communication Technology skills in their own right and to support the curriculum as a whole. We also offer specialist teaching in Physical Education, Art, and Music.

All staff members engage in constant review and evaluation of the curriculum, in tandem with the Governing Body’s Human Resources Committee. Particular provision is made for those children who require further learning support. This provision is discussed with and explained to the parents of the child concerned and, indeed, depends on their active involvement. We have on site an Autistic Resource Base which caters for up to six statemented children who are diagnosed with Autism, who would normally attend special schools. These children integrate as much as possible into the normal life of the school. We also have a Gifted and Talented Register with provision for all those children on it. We are proud to have received the NACE Challenge Award for our work in this area – only the 111th school in the country to have received it.

Sex education is taught along guide-lines recommended by the DfE and principally in the later stages of the school. Talks on menstruation and puberty and sex education are given to Year 5 & Year 6 children and videos are shown in connection with these topics. Parents are invited to see these videos beforehand. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from such education, as they do from our Religious Education and daily acts of worship. The children are taught about drugs and alcohol abuse within our PSHCE and Healthy Schools provision. Indeed we care very much about the emotional wellbeing and mental health of all our children and their families and provide education and experiences relevant to this work, in our Healthy School work and in the work of our Child and Family Care Team.

Parents are able to enter their child in the Selection procedure for admission to the Borough’s Grammar Schools. The Headteacher assists parents and children in this process. We have an average success rate in these examinations. The Headteacher and Year Six staff will further assist parents in the whole process of transfer to secondary education. This is a complex process and can be a worrying time for parents.

If parents wish to make a complaint about the curriculum in the school there is an agreed procedure, devised by the Local Authority, details of which are available from the School Office.

All parents are particularly welcome to talk to our class teachers at the end of each day. We actually encourage this as it is better to have a regular dialogue than have to wait for termly consultation sessions, although these are available. Progress reports are issued at these sessions in the Autumn and Spring Terms and a comprehensive annual report is issued in the Summer Term.


How Parents Can Help

  1. First and foremost we ask you to comply with our security procedures. Only enter the building at the entrances from the playground before school and front (Eastern Avenue) by the School Office during the day. Sign in and collect a visitor’s badge to wear while you are in school, no matter for how short a visit. Do not leave the building by any other door than the ones by the School Office. Report any strangers to the School Office or to a member of staff as soon as possible. Staff members should be wearing an official yellow identity badge.
  2. The Norwich Avenue and Lewes Road gates are closed between 9.15 and 3.10 daily, when access to the school is via the Eastern Avenue gate. Be wary of vehicles in the car park area. Enter the school via our new main entrance only. Parents must not use the main entrance to bring their children into school at the start of the day and should certainly not use the car park, as staff parking space is tight.
  3. We have a bicycle compound in our playground which is available to all. Our older children can take cycling proficiency courses and we even have a ‘learn to ride your bike’ course. Until the children are proficient we prefer it if you ride to school with your child. There should be no cycling or scootering whatsoever within the school grounds, by children or adults. In the academic year 2010-2011 our school was designated an official ‘Bike It School’.
  4. Leave your dog at home, no matter how friendly or small it may be. Dogs can cause upset for some children and their mess is dangerous for children’s health.
  5. Prams and buggies add enormously to congestion problems. We want you to be able to talk to the class teacher if it is important at the start of the day. Try to do that outside. At the end of the day it is much easier when all the other children have left. We would be grateful if you waited just a few minutes before coming into the school building. The doors will be locked until the children are leaving.
  6. If your child is going to be absent we require a phone call to inform us (we have a dedicated line for this purpose) and a note of explanation when they return. We have to keep a record of all absences for the Government and we have to declare whether the absences are authorised or unauthorised. As from this September Holidays in term time will not be authorised (See new joint school leaflet)
  7. Remember that the only items of jewellery allowed are watches and small stud earrings. Chains and rings present too many dangers to those wearing them and those nearby and are not allowed. Thank you.
  8. No Mohican haircuts or tramlines are allowed. We prefer that all children have haircuts and styles appropriate to school. Again, thank you.



Home School Agreement

The School will:

Attempt to provide a happy, stimulating environment for your child.

Enable your child to follow a broad and balanced curriculum, including all aspects of the National Curriculum.

Encourage your child to do their best at all times.

Provide a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities to further develop your child’s interests and talents as they move up the school.

Provide a comprehensive induction process for all parents and children new to the school.

Contact parents if there is a persistent problem with attendance or punctuality.

Inform parents about any concerns or problems that affect your child’s work or behaviour and offer support as needed.

Deal promptly with any concerns parents might have about your child’s involvement at school.

Provide homework on a gradually increasing basis as your child proceeds through the school.

Provide a written report annually to parents on your child’s progress and organise consultation evenings with initial and interim reports in the Autumn and Spring terms.

Keep parents informed by regular newsletters, school website and Smart phone App.

The Home will:

Ensure that your child comes to school regularly and on time (by 8:55 a.m.)

Ensure that your child is properly equipped, as advised, for all aspects of school work, including the wearing of school uniform.

Telephone to inform the school if your child is going to be absent, on the first day of that absence, and send a note to explain or confirm the reason for absence on their return.

Make the school aware of any concerns or problems that might affect your child’s work or behaviour.

Support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour. (This especially means re respect/politeness/manners.) Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Read to your child or listen to your child read at home each night and enable your child to complete any homework activities set. Discuss your child’s involvement at school on a regular basis.

Keep in regular contact with the class teacher and attend any consultation sessions organised.

Conform to our security arrangements and respect our playground rules.

A separate copy is enclosed in the pack so it can be named and signed.



Children’s Centre & Nursery :   Various, flexible times between 8.00 and 6.00

Foundation Stage 2, Years 1 & 2 :            8.55 – 3.20

Years 3,4,5 & 6 :                                           8.55 – 3.25

Breakfast Club :                                           8.00 onwards

We ask that children and parents arrive no earlier than 8.45 in the morning unless attending Breakfast Club or an early morning extra-curricular activity. A teacher is on duty in the playground from 8.45. If it is raining or very cold the children are allowed in from this time onwards.

Lunchtime is from 12.00 until 1.15.This is under review for September 2014

If you are going to be late and still wish to book a school meal, please let us know by telephone. If you are going to be late picking up your child in the afternoon, again let us know and we shall look after your child until you arrive. We also need to know if your child is going to be picked up by anybody other than you. As stated earlier, we expect you to collect your child outside the building.


Food & Drink

At playtimes we have a policy of not allowing food other than fruit to be consumed. Free fruit and vegetables are given to Nursery and Key Stage One children daily via a Government Scheme. Fruit can be bought by Key Stage Two children at our fruit stall – 30p a day, or fruit can be brought in from home.

Key Stage One children can have milk daily through the Coolmilk scheme (0800 321 3248 or You must register your child’s name with them; if under 5 there is no charge. When he/she reaches 5 they will explain what you need to do. Cartons of non-fizzy fruit drinks are allowed to be brought in. Chilled, filtered water is available at several points around the school. The children are encouraged to drink as much as they like of this. They can bring in their own drinks bottles to be filled up as necessary.

Lunches are cooked on the premises and we operate a healthy, balanced diet menu. The meals are popular and there is very little waste. Tickets are available from the School Office daily from 8.30 to 8.55am, either individually or in bulk. They currently cost £2.00. They are handed in each morning to the class teacher, your child’s name and class having been written on the back. Those parents who are entitled to Free School Meals should register at the School Office. We ask you to do this even if your child is not taking up the free meal, as the school benefits financially if you do.

The children may also have packed lunches. We encourage these to be ‘healthy’ and recommend that they are kept in a ‘lunch box’ type container and that whatever container is used, it is clearly marked on the outside with your child’s name. We do not allow cans, bottles, fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate  with lunches.

You may opt for any combination of lunches – cooked, packed lunch or home – we do however prefer the children to be in school.

We are fully committed to the National Healthy Schools Project. Indeed we have achieved the Advanced Award in it and a National Teaching Awards Distinction. It is a central part of our work and we would ask you to join our work here and at home.


What To Wear

We would like all children to wear our School Uniform. It is a very modern and varied uniform which allows for individual preferences within our colour scheme of brown and gold. The School has an associated uniform shop, Crawlers in Hamstel Road, which carries our full range. The brochure from the shop is in the Introductory Package. We no longer sell uniform or book bags at the school. Swimming hats are available from the class teacher.

All clothing needs to be clearly marked with your child’s name. Parents are also requested to provide appropriate kit for P.E. and Games, a tee shirt or sports shirt, shorts and plimsolls in a bag, also clearly marked with your child’s name, with warmer kit for the winter months for outside work at Key Stage Two. We swim in the Summer Term – appropriate kit is required and a named swimming hat is compulsory. A large cover-up shirt is recommended for Art & Craft. All these areas are important aspects of the National Curriculum and we need your co-operation if your child is to perform as well as possible in all of them. In the Summer we highly recommend that your child wears a sun hat.

When clothing is mislaid we try to help you find it. Ask at the School Office. There are two lost property boxes – one outside the Dining Room and one outside East Hall.



You will have been supplied with a copy of our ‘How We Behave At Temple Sutton’ statement alongside this prospectus. It should explain to you how we feel about behaviour, discipline and related matters such. We hope that you can use it with your child to explain situations and encourage positive behaviour. If you have any concerns you are always welcome to discuss them with the Class Teacher, one of the Deputy Heads or the Headteacher. If we have any concerns we shall talk to you. Working together is always the best way to resolve difficult situations. We welcome your support. We are not ashamed to declare that bullying does occur in our school occasionally. We would be very ashamed if we didn’t do anything about it. The Headteacher is committed to dealing with all bullying issues as soon as is possible. We want all our children to feel safe, respected, valued and able to learn with enthusiasm.



We believe in every child having many opportunities to be involved in either a club or a sport or other activity. We make such activities open to as many children as possible, from the youngest to the oldest. We believe in good competition and enter teams in all sporting activities. We also aim for our children to do as well as possible, as with everything we undertake at Temple Sutton. We are proud to have had national champions in our school – very few schools can ever claim such a thing. We are just as proud of all our children – they all have talent and we seek to find that talent and develop it. Here are some of the activities currently available –

Art   Drama   Choirs   Peripatetic Music Tuition   Break Dancing   Guitar Club      Recorders   Orchestra    Swimming   Aerobics   Cricket   Chess   Cookery   Football   Rugby   Athletics   Rounders   Multi-Skills   Dance   Karate   Table-Tennis   Netball   Tennis   ICT   Languages   Gymnastics   Volleyball and others



The Governing Body has decided to request donations from parents when their children go on educational visits. The Governors of the school have agreed to subsidise all Educational visits for those on FSM by 50%. The School Budget does not allow for such visits to be paid out of school funds. We would like to emphasise the educational strength and value of such involvement. We really appreciate your contributions to enable us to keep on providing the best opportunities for your children. The children go on a wide variety of visits outside school and are educated by experts visiting the school. In Years 5 and 6 the children are able to go on extended residential visits. The Year 5 visit is planned for Marchants Hill Activity Centre and the Year 6 visit is to the Isle of Wight.



A School Nurse can visit the school, there is a form for completion in the school office should you require an appointment.



Our school has an extensive and expert team to support the learning of those children with special needs. If you suspect your child has problems please do not hesitate to ask this team for help. We also work closely with many specialist agencies and they are regular visitors to our school. We are great believers in every child receiving his or her full entitlement.



The authorised absence figure for 2012-2013 was 4.0% and the unauthorised figure was 1.2%. We really need to reduce these rates and ask that you support us as much as possible, especially by not taking holidays in term time.



This team exists to support all our children and those families who require assistance. They are trained in all aspects of this work and are available at all times. They work within classrooms and in a dedicated part of the school, particularly nurturing emotional wellbeing. Children are always able to talk to a team member if they are feeling vulnerable or unhappy. Parents are able to seek support with any family difficulties that might exist and the work can be totally confidential. The team are in constant contact with other agencies that might also help. This model of support is being adopted by many other schools. Please take advantage of the team’s expertise.



Temple Sutton Primary School and Children’s Centre is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children and expects all staff, students, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment.  We follow safe recruitment procedures and make recommended checks and/or complete risk assessments on adults working and volunteering in school, to ensure the safety of all our school community.

To that aim, kindly note, as a duty of care we cannot withhold any information concerning suspected abuse of any child as we have an obligation to ensure the safeguarding of all children.

Mr. Barrett, Head teacher is the Designated Safeguarding Officer for the school and Ms. Courtney is the Deputy Safeguarding Officer.  Please contact them if you are worried about the safety of any child.


The Circle of Friends is our Parents and Others Association, it works to raise funds and attract goodwill for our school. There are several functions each year, planned and organised by the Committee and others. Details of events and meetings are posted on the Parents’ Notice-board opposite the School entrances and are also sent home with your child. Please offer your help to this group as they provide so much for our children and greatly assist the school in its aims. They also have a very enjoyable and worthwhile time. Annual events include the Xmas Sale, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Sales, Leavers’ Barbecue, Termly Disco for Years 1 upwards. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at all our functions.



The Governing Body is responsible for the overall strategy of the school. If you wish to talk to any member of the Governing Body you may make an appointment via the School Office. The current members of the Body are:-

T. Barrett                    Headteacher

A. Carey                     Chair of Governor

D. Osborn                  Chair of Finance and premises

A. Smith                     Chair of HR and Curriculum

J. McCluskey (Rev.)    Community Governor

K. Maloney                Community Governor

T. Harrison                Community Governor

T. Farrer                     Community Governor

N. Cole                       Parent Governor

M. O’Sullivan            Parent Governor

S. Hayton                  Parent Governor

J. Down                     Children’s Centre Manager

G. Capps                   Associate Member

C. Gilroy                     Staff Governor

L Springhall              Staff Governor


S. Owen                     Clerk



The School has a national reputation for its work in this area which includes:-

Breakfast club, Wrap around Child Care in our Children’s Centre

Family Education Courses            Adult Education Classes, Advice & Support from various agencies, including Health, Social Care, JobCentre Plus and others. Extra support for families in crisis through the Integrated Services System set up by the Local Authority and based at the school and through our own Child & Family Care Team.

Increased opportunities in ICT and Sports

A vast array of extra-curricular activities. Junior and Adult Evening Chess Clubs.            Counselling, Yoga, Police-Base.

Ask us if you want to know anything about any of the above.

Do ask us also if you want to know anything specific about our Children’s Centre which takes children from three months old.


This prospectus is the planned policies and practice of the school at this time and is subject to an annual review and update.

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