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Welcome to the PTA section.

Dates for your diary from the Friends of Temple Sutton


AGM                               -        Wednesday 28th September at 4pm 

Autumn Disco                -         Friday 7th October

Christmas Sale                -        Friday 16th December

Spring Disco                   -         Friday 24th February

Mothers' Day Sale           -        Thursday 23rd March

Summer Disco                 -         Friday 26th May

Fathers' Day                   -         Thursday 15th June

Summer Fair                  -         Saturday 1st July.  12pm - 3pm

Display Evening              -        Wednesday 12th July - we will be in   


Leavers' BBQ                  -        Friday 14th July.  6pm - 9pm


If you can spare an hour or two to help at any of our events, please contact us on or let your child’s class teacher know.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Friends of Temple Sutton – PTA


Please contact us at:


We are a very small group of working parents with children of all ages through the school. We hold various events throughout the year including: 3 discos, Mothers/Fathers/Christmas sales, Uniform sales, St George’s dress down day, a Summer Fair and the Leavers BBQ.


We are currently in the process of raising £20,000 to put towards the renovation of our school playground. With such a large number of children, we really would like to see more activities for the children to play with during their free time outside.


While we put in many voluntary hours to make these events possible, our reward is seeing the children’s faces when they come along. We are very passionate about helping to make our children’s school experience the best that it can be.


The ‘Friends’ are always looking for more helpers so if you are interested in helping with any of our events, then please email us at We also have monthly meetings at the school on the second Wednesday of each month (7-9pm) when we discuss forthcoming events and make a lot of the ‘craft’ items we sell at our sales – so if you are good with a glue gun, can tie a ribbon in a bow etc. please come along and help us.



Meeting Dates for 2015/2016 –   if you can come along and help us prepare for our next event on any of the following dates, we would be very happy to see you.

Wednesday 14th October 2015
Wednesday 18th November 2015
Wednesday 9th December 2015
Wednesday 13th January 2016
Wednesday 9th March 2016
Wednesday 13th April 2016
Wednesday 11th May 2016
Wednesday 8th June 2016


Meetings run from 7pm – 9pm, please enter via door near dinner hall (teachers entrance, opposite the tower)




Events Planned for 2015/2016:

Wednesday 30th September    –   AGM
Friday 16th October    –   Autumn Disco
Thursday 17th December    –   Christmas sale
Friday 29th January    –   Winter Disco
Thursday 3rd March    –   Mothers Day Sale
Thursday 22nd April    –   St Georges Day(Dress Down)
Friday 13th May    –   Summer Disco
Thursday 16th June    –   Fathers Day Sale
Saturday 2nd July    –    Summer Fair
Wednesday 13th July    –    Display Evening
Friday 15th July   –   Leavers BBQ



2014/2015 Overview:

This year has been a very successful year. We have had some fantastic discos where the children showed us some of their brilliant dance moves and the sales went just as well, hopefully you all got bought some lovely gifts. The children love to be able to have the freedom to choose gifts for their loved ones.


Our Summer Fair was a huge success again this year. Thankfully the weather was on our side and we had a great turn out. Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves and the children came home with plenty of memories (and prizes). With more support, we hope to be able to continue this event and make it bigger and better each year. The fair made a profit of over £2,200, so we are nearing our target of £20,000 for the playground renovations.


We have already spent some of the money that we have raised on the playground markings and the wall games that the children have all been enjoying. We have more ideas that we are currently discussing with Mr Barrett and the Facilities Manager. We have also taken on board the children’s comments about what they wish to see in the playground, and more shade is top of the wish list.


Thank you all for your support, whether it was donating your time, money, gifts or cakes. Anyone who would like more information about what we do, please look at our website:


Please contact us at:

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