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School Uniform

Crawlers School Uniforms have a full range of our official school uniform - . They can be contacted on 01702 601247.


We would like all children to wear our School Uniform. It is a very modern and varied uniform which allows for individual preferences within our colour scheme of brown and gold. We no longer sell uniform or book bags at the school. Swimming hats are available from the class teacher.


All clothing needs to be clearly marked with your child’s name. Grey or black skirts/trousers, yellow or white polo shirts and brown or gold sweatshirts/cardigans are normal school uniform.  Black school shoes should be worn and trainers are not permitted unless worn for sporting activities. Parents are also requested to provide appropriate kit for P.E. and Games, a tee shirt or sports shirt, shorts and plimsolls in a bag, also clearly marked with your child’s name, with warmer kit for the winter months for outside work at Key Stage Two. We swim in the Summer Term – appropriate kit is required and a named swimming hat is compulsory. A large cover-up shirt is recommended for Art & Craft.  In the Summer we highly recommend that your child wears a sun hat.

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