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Welcome to Temple Sutton Primary School ..... Display Evening changed to THURSDAY 12th to enable England supporters to watch the match ...

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff


Headteacher :                        Mr T. Barrett
Deputy Headteachers:           Mr G. Capps, Miss C. White
SENCO – EYFS & KS1:      Mrs B. Kingston
SENCO – KS2:                    Miss K Williams
EYFS Teachers :                   Mrs S. Jordan, Miss K. Muggleton, Mrs C Field, Mrs S Moule,                                                                                                                       Mrs J. Read, Mrs C. Okonta & Miss N. Jolly
Year 1 Teachers :                  Mrs R. Hartiss-Cox, Miss E. Bromiley, Miss Stoneley & Mrs N. Howard
Year 2 Teachers :                  Mrs L. Springall, Mrs J. Green, Mr J. Rowley & Mrs S. Concannon
Year 3 Teachers :                  Mr T. Dennis, Miss L Baines, Mr A. Shute & Mrs L. Brittleton
Year 4 Teachers :                  Mrs S. Richardson, Mr D. Tighe, Miss D. Snell & Miss L. Bines
Year 5 Teachers :                  Mrs J. Pascoe, Mr S. Fowler, Mrs M. Day & Mrs J. Hann
Year 6 Teachers :                  Mr J. Holmwood, Miss S. Casey, Mrs C. Munoz & Mr  D. Tipper

Music Teacher :                    Mrs C. Froud
P.E. Instructors:                    Mr S. Harrison & Miss E Willats
Art Instructor:                       Mrs E. Williams


Children’s Centre:

Manager                               Ms. Jan Down


Finance Manager:                Mrs Sandie Owen


Office Manager:                   Mrs Sue Scott


Child & Family Care Team:

Manager                      Ms L. Courtney
Assistant                     Mrs C. Gilroy
Assistant                     Mrs C. Harrison


Facilities Manager:                 Mr M. Westwick



Head Caretaker                      Mr J Vnucko 

Assistant Caretaker                Mr J Lockwood

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