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Welcome to Temple Sutton Primary School ...... Next PTA event - Summer Discos Friday, 26th May ...... Yr 6 SATs week starts 8th May ......

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff


Headteacher :   Mr T. Barrett
Deputy Headteachers:   Mr G. Capps, Miss C. White
SENCO – EYFS & KS1:   Mrs B. Kingston
SENCO – KS2:        Miss K Williams
EYFS Teachers :     Mrs S. Jordan, Miss K. Muggleton, Miss N. Katsch, Mrs L. Phillips, Mrs J. Read, Mrs C. Okonta & Miss N. Jolly
Year 1 Teachers :   Mrs R. Hartiss-Cox, Miss E. Bromiley, Mrs Field & Mrs N. Howard
Year 2 Teachers :   Mrs L. Springall, Mrs J. Green, Mrs S. Concannon & Mr Rowley
Year 3 Teachers :   Miss G. Vickers, Mrs Reeve, Miss S. Snell & Mr A. Shute

Year 4 Teachers :   Mr T Dennis, Mrs S. Bhiman, Miss L. Bines & Mr S. Fowler

Year 5 Teachers :   Miss J. Bushnell, Mr D. Tipper, Mrs M. Day & Mrs J. Hann
Year 6 Teachers :   Mrs S. Richardson, Mrs N. Squires, Mrs C. Munoz & Mrs J. Pascoe


Music Teacher : Mrs C. Froud
P.E. Instructors: Mr S. Harrison & Miss E Willats
Art Instructor: Mrs E. Williams


Children’s Centre: Manager –   Ms. Jan Downs


Child & Family Care Team: Manager –   Ms L. Courtney
Assistant –  Mrs C. Gilroy
Assistant –  Mrs C. Harrison


Systems Manager: Mrs K. Newman


Facilities Manager Mr M. Westwick


Caretakers:-  Mr J Vnucko - Head Caretaker

                      Mr J Lockwood - Assistant Caretaker

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