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Temple Sutton Primary

Temple Sutton
Primary School



  • Reading Yr R-6

Reading is a life skill and we want all children at Temple Sutton to develop a love of reading and to enjoy books as they progress through our school.  Your support with this is essential. Whilst we can focus on reading development in the classroom, we cannot give your children the one to one time which you are able to do at home.  Please encourage your children to read daily (or at least three times per week) and use their reading records to communicate with the class teacher when they have read, and to track what they are reading.  

If your child is not yet able to decode and read the words, they can still 'read' with you and talk about the pictures. Alternatively you can read to them and discuss what is happening and what might happen next. 

Older children sometimes prefer to read alone, which is fine, but please continue to talk to them about what they are reading: the characters; the plot; their predictions about what will happen next.  All of this helps children's reading to develop and they only get better at reading by reading more and more!  


  • Spelling (Yr1-6)

Please ensure your child practises their weekly spellings every day using the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' sheet that is sent home every week. Encourage them to look up definitions for any words they are unfamiliar with and if they are learning a spelling rule, can they find other words that follow this or any exceptions to the rule? In year 2, children are given a ‘word of the day’ .

  • Maths Yr 3-6

Any time you are able to make maths 'real' for children is brilliant - please involve them any time you are reading scales (such as weighing in cooking), using money to pay at the till, and recognising numbers around them. Children need to see that math is not just something they do at school! Checking weights of products in shops and the capacity of certain containers is also a great way to learn concepts such as mass and measures.

Year 3-5 will  set weekly maths homework on Education City. If you do not have a log on, please speak to the class teacher. Year 6 will be given maths homework that will support the year 6 curriculum and SATs preparation.

‘Times Table Rock Stars’, is a  fantastic online way to develop knowledge of times tables and division facts for all pupils from Y2-Y6.  


  • Creative Homework

Topic based homework will be set at the start of each half term.