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Temple Sutton Primary

Temple Sutton
Primary School

Year 4 Blog


March 2020 - Solids, liquids & gases

Ever wondered what nail varnish, vinegar, washing-up liquid and vegetable cooking oil look like when frozen? Well, Year 4 have undertaken an investigation that looked at these liquids and discussed why some froze solid and why some did not. Nail varnish was quoted as appearing to look like a "slush puppy" - advice to note here - do not eat frozen nail varnish! 


Feb 2020 - Ambition Week

 This half term (Spring 2) Temple Sutton's CREATE value that we are focusing on is Ambition. To celebrate this, Year 4 were visited by a diverse group of visitors such as a nurse from Great Ormond Street Hospital, an actress from (BBC's) Eastenders and a British Army bomb disposal officer. As you can see, one of the Year 4 teacher's pulled off looking like a soldier rather well.  

Feb 2020 - Potion Making







To launch our new topic of potions, Year 4 turned into Hogwarts for the afternoon. The children created their own potions and came up with some imaginative uses for their new concoctions. 

Jan 2020 - Timetables Rock Star Launch Day

Wow! Year 4's dress sense hit like a true rock slam! What a way to kick off and launch our school's brand new online times tables game. I can see many a rock battle challenge being set. Mr Shute has already impressed his Pufferfish class with his lightening quick finger speed and we look forward to everyone's speed and accuracy improving too!



Jan 2020 - Blue Abyss

To kick off our new topic, Year 4 visited Sealife Adventure on the seafront to take a peek under the waves and come face to face with a variety of underwater creatures. Some of the highlights of the visit were, of course, the Blacktip Reef Shark (see below), Lion Fish tank and the entertaining penguins. Everyone was given the chance to touch a starfish and many of the children were surprised at how rough but oddly soft it felt. Class 4S even managed to find their namesake - the pufferfish! (pic 3)

Dec 2019 - "1066"

Year 4 have been busy this half term learning about the monumental events of '1066'. We have learnt about the historic Battle of Hastings including the elements of both William's and Harold's armies, written diaries as if we were soldiers in battle. We have also written letters to persuade a senior Norman Lord to choose our castle design and then using those designs to make our own castles. Building a replica castle isn't as easy as it first seemed - this is where our value of tenacity shone through.