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Temple Sutton Primary

Temple Sutton
Primary School

Year 5 BLOg

Jan 2020 - Tower of London Trip

As part of the 'Off with Her Head !' topic, Tuesday saw the Year 5's venture out to the Tower of London. With much excitement, we set out to Southend East train station - the first group practically ran!  Mr Capps walks very fast !! 


There was lots to see at the at the Tower - a selection being Traitors Gate, the Crown Jewels, explored the White Tower with all the fantastic armour (who could miss Henry VIII's armoured suit), grimaced at the methods of torture they used to use, and tried to keep our lunches hidden from the Ravens !


We must have achieved our step count for the week, not only walking too and from the stations, but there are so many steps in the Towers! We had a great day, learnt a lot, and are really proud of the children for their resilience and respect shown on the day. 



Dec 2019 - Stargazers

Our Year 5 topic for this half term was Stargazers. In this topic we explored the planets in the solar system. We studied the moon and learnt the science behind night and day and explored why we have seasons. The learning then turned to famous scientists, Galileo and Newton and their impact. We studied the Space Race, became reporters and wrote a newspaper article on the moon landing. During this topic we were visited by the Astrodome and treated to a visual spectacular. We finished off by showing off our creative skills and making a tunnel book using the planets in the solar system.