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Temple Sutton Primary

Temple Sutton
Primary School

Year 6 Blog


Feb 2020 - Ambition Week

 Year 6 have had some amazing visitors as part of our Ambitions week. We were visited by Su Harrison from Radio Essex who talked about her role on the radio and the life of a Radio Presenter. Jasmine Armfield (Bex Fowler) from Eastenders popped in to talk about being an actress and Dan Holford spoke to the children about his role as a Tornado Navigator with the RAF. 


Jan 2020 - Australian Bush Fire Crisis  

Year 6 have been discussing the terrible situation currently in Australia and have been compelled to write about it. Here are 2 examples of the fine work that they have produced:

Climate Change

Climate change is sweeping the Earth off of its feet. The ice caps are melting, Australia is burning and the ozone layer is breaking down. There is no Planet B. If the Earth dies, we die. Think about everything you’ve ever done in your life.  Now think, no-one else in the future will be able to do those things. Think of how many people will die because you couldn’t be bothered.  Save lives. Recycle, not for us but for generations to come. This may not be your first fight but it is ours and the first thing we need is Responsibility.  Take responsibility for your trash. This is OUR PLANET. If one person refuses then we could all die. Don’t you see the signs? Everyone with a brain in their head agrees.  Donate, plant a tree. It isn’t that hard. One more tree to save lives.   By Harley


The koala bear held tight to his mother’s arms

Squeezing and gripping her palms.

Cuddling up in a tree tight

They could feel the fire bite.


No-one could save them

Or help them at all

Until a man in a yellow hat

Came crawling along the floor

By Jessica 

Dec 2019 - Revolutions

Our year 6 topic for this half term was Revolutions. We have been examining the effects of the Industrial Revolution during the Victorian period, comparing the lives of rich and poor children and studying crime and punishment during this era. In Science we made an iridescent lightbulb and in Design and Technology had a go at some cross stitch. We finished off this topic by visiting Prittlewell Priory for a Victorian Christmas experience.