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Temple Sutton Primary

Temple Sutton
Primary School

Year 3

Year 3 have had a wonderful half-term of healthy eating and learning. 
You could say it's been Scrumdiddlyumptious!

We began with our wildly successful Wow Day, which involved taste-testing some unusual and delicious foods and doing a blind sensory test. We had to work out what foods were in a box only using our senses of touch and smell.  It was great fun because there were some gooey foods like jelly, baked beans and custard hidden in the boxes. Sloppy! We also each made a healthy sandwich and ate it (without moaning).  It was made even better because we had more than 50 Parents join us to help.  It was a brilliant day and we loved having Parents seeing the work we do in school.

To add to the fun, we also made a beautiful fruit crumble at Waitrose, and had a tour of the store, where we learnt how to look for the nutritional information on products using the bus stop system.  Our learning was also brought alive by four German exchange students who spent a week in Year 3.  The highlight was a presentation by Charlotte, Ela, Helene and Lina on German food and learning how to say the names of healthy foods in German. We tasted some lovely traditional German food. It was wunderbar!
As you can see we have had a fantastic half-term of learning and we can't wait to start our new topic after Easter: it's called Tremors!